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I'm a refugee immigrant from Vietnam born into poverty in America.  Somehow, I managed to manifest to becoming a filmmaker, entrepreneur, investor,  studio owner, and most importantly, a proud parent. I guess you can say I'm living the American Dream. 

I live with a single purpose in life, to create an environment that provides the best opportunities for the people I love and the community that supports those ideas. The way I reach these goals is by thinking of long-term strategies and vertically integrating short-term strategies with them. It's the reason why I built myself up in a variety of different sectors from creative art, business, technology, to the community giveback. I figured if I was good in those sectors, I would be able to solve the issues that surround us with a 360 understanding that can fix industry problems, such as gatekeeping within the entertainment industry. 

I started playing piano when I was 7 years old and dreamed of being a songwriter and producer up until I was 32 years old, I even went to Julliard to prove my musicianship. I became a true entrepreneur when I was 32 years old, pivoting myself to reach my short-term goals, which at the time was to figure out how to build a 7 figure business, I somehow did and built 2 of them. 

I believe that I can not change or impact the world if I haven't proven myself to be successful running small businesses and being empathic with the issues that are present in society. I started with Live Picture Studios, a cinematic and photography wedding company, and hit my 7 figures within 2 years. After that, using the infrastructure I built for Live Picture Studios, I was able to improve on my ongoing company called Kvibe Studios and drove it to 7 figures as well. Then, I bought an 8000 sq ft building to prepare us for the big journey. 

In the summer of 2021, I started a new company called Sutudu (real word "Su Tu Do"), which stands for freedom in Vietnamese. The idea is to fight for the freedom of creative professionals in the independent film, TV, and overall entertainment industry to build together outside of the Hollywood and gatekeepers establishment. I never could fully grasp how an extremely talented artist that can play the living daylights out of a piano, dance like no other human being I've seen, or paint a piece that leaves you speechless, would have to work a day job they hate just to live. There had to be a way to fix this issue. So my journey with Sutudu is to fix this issue and I think I am on to something that will fix it. It certainly won't be overnight, but little by little, I believe things will shift and it will be due to our hard work and values.

Film Director / Producer

I believe I was born to tell stories for a living. But not just ordinary stories, stories that will impact how we live and think about the world. I believe I was given capabilities that are unique where sometimes, I find myself alone wondering why I have more capabilities than the average person. I haven't reached my potential yet in my storytelling capabilities, but rest assured, I am working hard at getting myself to that point of telling stories that will epic, memorable, and impactful.

My Companies

I started my entrepreneurship journey since I was 19 years old. I failed 2 companies prior to launching Kvibe Productions (now Kvibe Studios) in 2005. I started Live Picture Studios in 2011 and both became 7 figure small businesses per year. For the record, although I've been offered millions, I never took an investment deal by anyone, because I knew that if I didn't have the control I needed, my vertical strategies would be at risk.

My new startup called Sutudu is what I hope to be my life's work. The success of the company is based on how many we impact and how we transform industries in favor of creative artists.

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(Some BTS from our success movie "Walt Before Mickey" and TV Pilot "Twelve-Six" 


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Khoa brings innovation into stories to impact others


"If you were gifted with special capabilities to do great things, you are responsible to do great things for others."

- Khoa D. Le

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After proving to myself of being able to build two 7 figure businesses within 7 years and globally growing the company from 1 to over 100 employees, I felt offering consultation services would be valuable. There is no formula and no guarantee to success, but I can sure position anyone to have a higher chance of success by consulting on the mindset, patience, diligence, motivation, and tactics to build your career and business.

Another way of using my services is to leverage our upcoming consultation platform on Sutudu.com. That is an upcoming platform! So pre-register today!

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